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Keyboard & Piano

Begin here for Piano and Keyboard lessons. Undeniably, the most “well – liked” instrument of all times.

Guitar Class

Learn what suits your interest best! Acoustic, bass, electric or classical GUITAR here at JMS.

Violin Class

Join our inclusive violin classes with top instructors to help you become the best violinist!

Music Production

Learn music production here at JMS by hand – picked instructors possessing decades of experience.

Elevate yourself to new levels of achievement

Highly sought-after sports academy


Begin here for Football lessons. Undeniably, the most “well – liked” sports of all times.


Learn what suits your interest best! Swimming here at JMS.

Table Tennis

We have top instructors to help you become the best tennis player.


Learn to play Basketball here at JMS by hand – picked instructors possessing decades of experience.

Top Music Categories

Indian Music

If you are and have the niche for Indian Classical singing or Indian music, we’ve got your back here at JMS.


Turn your habitual pots and pans banging into becoming the ultimate time and rhythm giver! Become a drummer today here JMS!


Learn how to play the UKULELE here at JMS with our most experienced and comprehensive instructors. Enroll today!


If your dream is to become a better singer or the greatest singer! Here at JMS, we offer you the best of the best singing lessons.

Why choose us?

JMS engages in various kinds of musical learning, such as Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Harmonium, Drums, Indian Music, Violin, Ukulele & Vocals and sports coaching such as football, badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Skating and swimming. The fundamental purpose of this institution, therefore, is to provide a platform and guide all dedicated candidates to a successful musical and sports career.

Our main aim and mission here at JMS is to help educate, develop, enable and inspire students to achieve their complete potential to innate musicality and sportsmanship. We, therefore, dedicate ourselves to providing lifelong learning skills to help you nurture and achieve versatility in producing quality in both music and sports to help you generate outstanding performances.

Recital program

A program to learn and perform every 3 months for everyone.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable private music lessons in the comfort of your own home.

World Class Certification

Get certified from a world class music school with our experienced teachers.

No age restriction

From beginner to advanced levels, all ages are welcome to start lessons.

Comprehensive learning

Learn how to read, sing, play, write music and perform.

Learn from home

Access from anywhere, whenever you’d like to take session.


Master your passion

We aim to propagate the value of music— its therapeutic and expressive nature— and intend to cultivate the joy of learning, creating, and producing music for our students.

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Want to learn how to sing or play an instrument?

Learn from your homes and improve your skills in singing or playing various musical instruments under the guidance of our expert musicians. Check out our latest posts and events and chat with us to learn more details.

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All ages from above 5 years are welcome.

No, if you are not looking for a grade exam, you can opt for normal sessions where you will be taught any songs/pieces from your choices.

RSL/TCL/ABRSM are the graded music exams for various instruments run by the associated board respectively. If the students are interested, these Graded Exams allow learners to perform to their strengths through a flexible exam structure that enables them to gain recognition for their own unique skills as performers. Whereas normal sessions are collective materials from different books and customize it for the students that match with their musical taste and abilities. 

Yes, Teachers use a variety of successful learning strategies that include interactive zoom lessons, video tutorials, and voice recordings. In addition to learning to play a specific instrument, virtual instructions also include;


  1. Teaching musical fundamentals, note reading, terminology, music history, etc. 
  2. Exploring other modes of music learning including composition, music technology, popular music, world music, etc.

After many years of teaching, it became evident that there were very few groups of instrumental music methods on the market for elementary-age students. So, we have developed our collection of more than 50+ woodwind, keys, and string books created specifically for students of all levels and abilities. 

We also trained students who are interested in doing Trinity, Rockschool, and ABRSM Examinations. The books are available worldwide via amazon.com 

We provide one-on-one sessions and group lessons.

Group lessons vary from two to Four in a class. The number depends on the type of instrument, the ability level of the students, and the duration of the class. We wait to create classes that will be successful after the registration process is complete.

Yes, we conduct Recitals every three months, and those students who completed three months or 12+ sessions under JMS are eligible to participate during this event.

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