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Vocal Class

Western Classical

Here at JMS, we provide a unique prospect for each student to learn classic singing styles, to name a few, OPERA and INDIAN CLASSICAL, at their convenience with a structured lesson plan.

During their assessment, every beginner student will start with a step by step lesson plan, carefully curated by our experienced vocal instructors.

Just Music School is a premium organization that helps enhance your musical path and journey. Our mission is to offer the best quality for learners with basic musical knowledge.
Our motto is “Let the music speak” - To help you achieve your passion and make your dreams come true with us.

Western Contemporary

Here at JMS we also provide different learning techniques for students that are looking for something different.

We are amped with trained and experienced instructors, if you’re looking into contemporaries. BLUES AND JAZZ, ROCK, POP, HIP HOP and RNB etc. We’ve got you covered!

Safety of our Instructors and Students

Keep an eye on the rising pandemic as we stay focussed on online classes. Our school works with the intention to spread knowledge of western vocals with instrumental training for the generations to come. All our classes are offered worldwide. Our students will be nourished by the best of the best instructors at your different phases and journey of learning. Examination and correction process will be assessed by high professionals.

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