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Drum class

What is the meaning of Drums for us?

The drums are essential in a band because they provide the melody, dynamics, and rhythm. When approached correctly, these elements will make the drummer indispensable to any band or musician with whom they wish to collaborate. The Contemporary Drummer Is Much more Valuable Than Ever: When it comes to playing in any style ensemble, the modern drummer is more important than ever. Drummers today are expected to have far more musical knowledge than just the ability to keep time. Drummers must be conscious of all the musical elements that contribute to the band sounding not only together, but dynamically.

Drum Lessons with us

Students interested in learning how to play the drums, cymbals, snare drum, and more can enroll in our general Music classes for everyone or grade Domestic & International Plan. Just music school provides simple yet effective drum lessons for beginners that skip the first level of pad training. Students get behind a drum kit for their first lesson to learn how to play the drums. Through private drum lessons, group rehearsals, and live performances, students will learn the fundamentals of drum fills and solos. For decades, teachers at Just music school have been teaching drum lessons to both children and adults. Our fundamental belief is that the best way for students to gain musical proficiency is through performance.

Choices the child and adult have

Students could choose between weekly 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute private lessons in which they will learn stick control basics, how to tune and set up their drums, matched grip vs traditional grip, reading drum scores, and other topics. These courses are excellent for percussionists of all levels in terms of reading (sheet music) and skill development, as well as performance improvement.

Health and safety of our students

The health and safety of our students are our highest priority at Just music school. Concerning that, we offer online music lessons. Students who choose to take drum lessons online are taught using the same well-known, best curriculum that we use in our school. All our drum students have and will have numerous opportunities to perform! Be a part and see for yourself!!

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