Vocal Instructor

Singing from a young age and performing on various platforms, Machut has developed his own style of teaching based on fun and a deep understanding of the history of music. Machut is also comfortable with pop, rock, jazz, classical blues and more.

  • 10+years of experience in guitar and singing. 
  • 8+years of teaching experience. 
  • 10+years of professional singing experience. 
  • Performed at college level recitals and Ensembles. 
  • Special mentor for band performance. 
Your voice is The purest form of music

Listen to your chords

If you want to acquire the studio with your elegant voice and being the best singer is your topmost priority then the vocal lesson is the utmost necessity. Once you know the right techniques that will help you to bring your voice out, you can practice with them and eventually reach your full potential.