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Our teachers have been teaching keyboard and piano lessons for a long time and have managed to bring the pleasure of learning how to play the piano to thousands of students. We structure lessons in a way that is both progressive and enjoyable, so that learning is fun and interesting! Our teachers enjoy working with students of all ages, but particularly beginners because we can shape them from the scratch!

There's a reason why the piano is often the very next instrument learned by a new musician. In contrast to almost every other instrument, such as the human voice, anyone can instantly access and play all 88 available pitches by simply hitting the notes on the keyboard.

Western Contemporary

The recommended instrument for all the people to start with, Enroll now for western contemporary keyboard and piano classes for Rock, Pop, classical etc.

Western Classical

We recommend the beginner to go with this for easy access, for classical style music classes.

What Will Happen During Your First Keyboard and PianoLesson?

Your keyboard and piano instructor is excited to meet you at your first lesson! You'll discover the musical alphabet A-G, finger numbers, familiar shapes of piano keys, variations on the keyboard and the distinction between black and white keys, recognising high and low notes, curving your fingers, positional awareness of your hands and wrists, proper posture, and much more. The teacher will spend some time learning about your music tastes so that he or she can demonstrate to you how to play your favourite music while also introducing new ones with a similar style that you might enjoy learning!​

Class choices the child and adult have

Students could choose between weekly 30-minute, 45-minute,or 60-minute private lessons or group lessons in which they will learn correct postures and techniques, how to tune and set up their Contemporary music skills and other topics

What happens in Just Music School?

We encourage students at Just Music School to learn more than they already know. Students who want to learn keyboard and piano in contemporary music, how to play the drums, ukulele, violin, guitar and other instruments can enroll in our general Music classes for everyone or grade Domestic & International Plan. Exclusive plans for Just Music School, Online Music Classes.

For beginners, Just Music offers simple yet effective keyboard and piano lessons. Students will learn the fundamentals of keyboard and piano music through private keyboard and piano music lessons, group rehearsals, and live performances.

Frequently asked queries from us

Do I Need a Piano or Keyboard to Begin? What Type of Instrument Should I Purchase?" Do I need to have a piano at home to begin lessons ?"and "Do I require a piano at home to start with the music lessons?" "What type of piano should I get?" "What is the distinction between a keyboard and a digital piano?"

Answer:-All students should have access to some type of keyboard instrument at home in order to practise outside of regular lessons in order to maximise the student's progress and ensure the most efficient use of each lesson.

Teachers at just music school have been teaching keyboard and piano music lessons to both children and adults for decades. Our fundamental belief is that performance and efficient music classes are the best ways for students to gain musical proficiency.

Be a part of our journey and experience nothing but the richness of keyboard and piano and be a part of numerous opportunities to show your skills! Be a part and see for yourself!! JOIN JMS, Today!

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