Vocal Instructor

A passionate and versatile singer who has specialised in Vocal Music. Amabel with a unique singing voice sings in different genres such as western music, traditional and folk music. She makes her lessons active and adds some energy to them by incorporating practical engagement.

  • B.A Music and M.A  Music, Martin Luther Christian University Shillong. 
  • Grade 5 Music theory, Trinity College London. 
  • Diploma in Tonic Solfa, Assembly Institute of Music. 
  • Certified course in Jaintia Folk song, State institute of arts and culture, Govt of Meghalaya. 
  • Pursuing PHD in Music, Martin Luther Christian University Shillong. 
  • 10+years of singing as a performer and a session musician. 
  • 4+years of teaching Music (Theory & Practical). 
Your voice is The purest form of music

Listen to your chords

If you want to acquire the studio with your elegant voice and being the best singer is your topmost priority then the vocal lesson is the utmost necessity. Once you know the right techniques that will help you to bring your voice out, you can practice with them and eventually reach your full potential.