Guitar & Keyboard Instructor

A strong fundamentalist, Solomon is comfortable with classical, funks, pop, rock and various other styles. He adapts his techniques and methods to suit students of various abilities

  • 10+years of experience with Guitar and Piano. 
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education, The Bangalore Conservatory. 
  • 5+years of professional guitar performing experience. 
  • 5+years of teaching experience. 
  • Part of several-college level choirs and band Lead Guitarist. 
Notes and chords are the second languages of music

Make a move with your finger

Every guitar play in their own way. Some of them come to your hand easily and some of them do not. To learn everything about guitar It is important to have a perfect communication binding with the guitar, teacher, and also with the musicians. When you play with that beautiful instrument and commit to practice is yours alone, sometimes, we will help you with experts to set your path in the right direction.