Dance Course

Advanced Online Courses for Music Dance lovers in all genres

Become a professional Dancer and learn how to dance every Genres.

Who this course is for:

1. People who have no experience with Logic Pro x
2. People who want to learn how to produce music.
3. People who want to mix their own tracks.
4. People who have passion to learn and making music.

Dance Course Structure:

1.Basics of Sound and Audio Terminologies
2.Microphones and Recording Techniques
3.Music Theory and Application
4.Introduction to DAW (Logic Logic Pro X)
6.Studio Hardware and Equipment

If you want to produce professional music in rock, pop, blues, jazz, RnB , Hip Hop, Indie, Trance, Trap and many more.
Learn to produce quick and music sounding good.
Learn how to record.
Learn how to write music and edit midi and audio.
Learn how to mix your songs like a pro so they can be played in cars.
Learn how to use VST/Plugins.
Follow step by step and I will show you tricks and tips.

If you have a music idea in your head I will show you how to extract the idea. I will go through the different sounds and presets to give you the best sounds.

Becoming a Music Producer is a high paying job which starts with a passion, you can easily turn your passion into your job and make multiple income.

This course will show you all the tips and tricks of becoming a great music producer and you can also remix any song of your choice after watching this course.

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