Drum, Bass & Guitar Instructor

A highly motivated musician with a comprehensive background of performance, Rama plays all kinds of genres such as classical, funk, jazz, pop and rock. His strong theoretical knowledge ensures a sound foundation for all learners.

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education, The Bangalore Conservatory. 
  • 10+years of experience in performing Drums, Guitar and Bass Guitar. 
  • Part of several college level choirs, and summer music seminars. 
  • 5+years of performing as a professional drummer, Guitar and Bassist. 
  • 5+years of teaching experience 
Take out all your problem on a drum.

Let's rock the stage with the beat of your drum.

There are many types of drums and according to them, there are many types of drummers. What works for one player won’t work for other. A jazz drummer won’t play exactly the same kit as a metal drummer, and a beginner might choose different equipment than an experienced drummer. According to that we at JMS: Just Music School have created a unique learning path for every individual. You can choose your way of learning by your skillset, experience, and interest.